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    Brand Street

    • Garden_snow_x800
      The street where I live. Classic.

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    Ben Mason

    I used to think it was digital PR that was going to come out on top and still think it will be vital. However, I now think social search might beat it, at least in its next phase when a single search can provide an overall rating for a brand or product??

    Devon Dudgeon

    It does seem like more PR agencies are catching on to managing their clients' online reputations... although I've come across several smaller PR firms who haven't dabbled in the area at all.

    edward boches

    Pretty much agree. No one sees anything unless they're looking for it, and that starts with either desire (from awareness and reputation) or search. However, the true win is a combination of great brand ideas, consumer participation and involvement, and search. A sexy site still has to be found.

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